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Since we announced The Ken 7 weeks ago, a bunch of readers and friends have asked us if we're getting Ashish K. Mishra, (@akm1410) on board as a writer. Well, we'd already done one better - Ashish was one of our co-founders. We didn't want to disclose that fact publicly as Ashish was still a journalist with Mint, albeit one serving out his notice period. But today I'm happy to announce that one of India's best-known business feature writers is no [...]

It is hard to believe how uniquely slow government response can sometimes be. It was 25 years ago that a geeky group of doctors and engineers in Thiruvananthapuram made India’s first biomedical implant – a heart valve for children born with rheumatic heart disease. Virtually every scientific institution of some repute contributed to its development. In March, TTK Healthcare, which had licensed the technology from Shree Chitra Tirunal Institute, [...]

Perfint Healthcare read the market wrong and then continued misreading it by Seema Singh The top floor of a residential building is hardly a place to expect bots. Yet it has been one for a decade, making robotic arms, not humanoids. For a visitor, a sensor-rigged, hard-wired sort of entrance would be in order you think. Instead, parched potted plants, some twenty of them which were meant to brighten up the passage to Perfint Healthcare’s office i [...]

Against impossible odds, Travis Kalanick forced Didi Chuxing to blink in China. The aftershocks will be felt by Ola. by Rohin Dharmakumar When the news of Uber China’s merger with Didi broke, many Ola employees did not know how to react. Some were initially happy that Uber had apparently been beaten (or even that it could be beaten), but as the implications became clearer, there was anger. “Did they just give money to our competitor? Did they jus [...]

The Myntra-Jabong deal reveals stark truths about the new reality of the Indian e-commerce space by Rohin Dharmakumar and Sumanth Raghavendra The general expectation around startup valuations, especially of those backed by huge funding, is that the curve goes to the top as it moves right. That general consensus is that this is the right way to build a startup towards a well-deserved exit. On the other hand, this is the wrong way: Early 2015: Call [...]