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IVM sidelined in India's podcasting mic-drop moment

Some people are wondering why audio podcasts are making a comeback despite video being the richer medium. Difference between watching video and listening to a podcast is that you can do other things while listening to a podcast. Also, you do not have to worry about having a screen or holding one in your hand - hence the comfort, especially while commute. Finally, there is content like 'Cut the Clutter' by Shekhar Gupta. I used to watch it regularly on YouTube, it is a high quality analysis. But the visuals did not really add much value to the content. Very often, I would start the video while I would keep the phone away and just listen to it on bluetooth earphones while doing my daily chores. Recently, I found out that same content is uploaded as a podcast on Spotify. The switch to podcast could not have been more natural.

Apoorva Mishra Glance (InMobi Group), Product Manager

Many a slip between Third Wave's coffee cup and lip

Firstly I believe that Starbucks is missing a trick by having prices which are almost the same as anywhere in the world. India is a price conscious country and my gut feel says that they shoukd gone with some linkage to purchasing power parity. If others follow or benchmark their prices to Starbucks, it will be a strategic mistake. The good part is Third Wave coffee prices are not as expensive. Secondly retail is all about locations. Starbucks has positioned itself in the premium ends like malls and posh areas wherr the more richer folks spend or reside. Cafe Coffee Day was filling this space but has increasingly lost its mojo. This leaves the space wide open for the newer chains. Locations near office complexes and colleges are a huge opportunity. Thirdly coffee chains should look at differential pricing for takeaways. This will increase both foot fall and revenue. Very clearly a trick is being missed. Of course Loyalty programmes are integral to this model. But for that, the number of outlets have to increase.

Ravishankar P Infosys BPM Ltd,

Ola Electric’s anti-ecosystem e-autorickshaw ambitions

Ola's startegy seems to be " Go Big or go home " It will be interesting to see how early and till what extend Ola is able to implement the plan. I have been extensively following EV market for last few months and globally even the top players in auto sector have struggled to launch successful EV's. Ola's plan to manufacture and launch three wheelers seems overly ambitious when the company has little to no experience in manufacturing even with the right talent and sufficient capital they are more vulnerable to fall.

Aman Jain

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