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It’s a wrap. Sort of

 The year is coming to a close. And a lot of energy has already been spent on trying to understand what really happened this year and whether or not these trends will continue in 2017. There are plenty of threads to pull on to understand this. So, let’s make it bigly.Ready? Another helping of Unicorns, please India doesn’t have enough Unicorns....

Big Billion Days and the Flipkart Spit N’ Polish Machine

Most of you would’ve read that Amazon sold an incredible 5 million Prime subscriptions during a five-day sale. Well, we don’t think it did. Why?Because if it indeed had managed to achieve the stupendous task of selling a loyalty program at Rs 499 to anywhere between one in five or one in four Indian e-commerce shoppers, you can be sure it would tout it from high heavens. It even put out an official press release when it launched a free trial for Prime in India.

Welcome to The Ken

Good morning! Thank you for registering to read The Ken, and welcome to a new kind of business journalism.Slightly over 2 months after we published our first story on our hurriedly put together blog, we’re finally live. Starting today, we switch off what we internally called an “alpha” or “beta” mode (designed to give you readers a sense of...

The Ken is Growing – Welcome Arundhati and Venkat

We're now just two weeks away from kicking off our two ambitious goals - deliver one new story everyday to subscribers; and introduce paid subscription plans.So as you can imagine, a lot has been going on behind the scenes at our end. The biggest of those have been our efforts to bring on board the best of writers and...

Introducing Ashish K. Mishra, The Ken’s 4th co-founder

Since we announced The Ken 7 weeks ago, a bunch of readers and friends have asked us if we're getting Ashish K. Mishra, (@akm1410) on board as a writer.Well, we'd already done one better - Ashish was one of our co-founders. We didn't want to disclose that fact publicly as Ashish was still a journalist with Mint, albeit one serving out...

Jabong – the un-making of a unicorn

Zebra with stripes
The general expectation around startup valuations, especially of those backed by huge funding, is that the curve goes to the top as it moves right.That general consensus is that this is the right way to build a startup towards a well-deserved exit.On the other hand, this is the wrong way:Early 2015: Called off discussions with a potential acquirer to...

How Rocket Internet got pushed out of GoJavas

Vulture swooping down
This article has been taken down in compliance with an ex-parte interim injunction dated September 1, 2016 received by us on September 5, 2016. The injunction dated September 1, 2016 has been passed by the Hon'ble Court of Sub-Judge 1st, Vaishali, Hajipur, Bihar.

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