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Biopharma is Indian pharma’s next frontier. It is also its Achilles’ heel

When India’s largest drugmaker chooses to go with a Korean contract manufacturer, it’s a sign of changing times. Then, separately, comes the government with $250 million saying it wants to help. And how?


As far as sobriquets go, nothing can be nobler than the ‘pharmacy of the world’. Indian pharmaceutical companies have earned it. They supply 40% of the $70 billion generics market in the US, though it’s another matter that their dominance is under stress today. Their oversight on quality has come to pass and in spades. So, when India’s largest drug company, Sun Pharma, said last week that it had inked a long-term partnership with Samsung Biologics to manufacture its new drug, it signalled a shift. Manufacturing prowess of the past may not be enough for the drugs…

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