There is a problem in the world of business. One that we’re all aware of, but something we still have a long way to go to solve.

According to the Tata AIA survey on financial awareness among women:

  • Only 15% of Indian unicorns have women co-founders. 
  • More than 56% of women are not allowed to make financial decisions, despite being the family’s breadwinners. 

The Ken, too, suffers from a symptom of this problem. Only 20% of our subscribers are women.

And it’s all related. The fewer the women who read business articles, the fewer the women who develop an interest in business. Which means fewer women participate in business decisions, and only a handful ever reach the top. 

During our early days as young women professionals, we found it quite tough to understand business and finance in general. We lacked business literacy—“the ability to speak and read the language of business,” as defined by the late Karen Berman, the founder of the Business Literacy Institute.

We didn’t have access to business literacy while growing up. We weren’t taught it. Whether it was inside or outside the family, it was usually men who were leading discussions and taking decisions on financial matters. We just assumed that this was normal. 

Until we entered the corporate world, and it became abundantly clear just how important business literacy was. 

And we know we aren’t alone. This may be your story, too. Women’s exclusion is a systemic problem, and a very difficult one to solve.

But then again, no problems worth solving are simple, right?

Six years ago, The Ken started with a simple mission—to make business journalism relevant and accessible to all. And over time, we’ve found our newsroom filled with women writers. But the numbers told us what we’d known for a while: the number of women in business (and our subscriber base) was falling short. 

And we cannot consider ourselves successful in our mission if only one out of every five of our subscribers is a woman. 

So, some of us women at The Ken stopped and asked ourselves, “What can we do to correct this?” The answer we came up with was this: 

You will know The Ken very rarely offers discounts. But because this is important to us, we are introducing an exclusive 50% discount for women readers

If you’re a woman and would like to claim the discount for yourself, just enter your email address and LinkedIn profile by clicking the link below, and we’ll activate the discount for you in a few days.

And if you know women who you think would benefit from this, please share this post with them. 

Help us solve this problem. Help us make our little world more equal.

Unlock Business Journalism for Women