The Ken Southeast Asia turns two!

If there was an award titled “The Worst Timed Launch for Business Publications”, The Ken Southeast Asia would’ve won it by a mile. Because we launched two years ago timed to the month that the Covid-19 pandemic started to spread out into the world. We launched in the second week of March 2020.

Yet here we are, celebrating our second anniversary and raising a toast to Southeast Asia’s resilience and drive. And doubling down on our guiding principle that has remained unchanged since we launched from Bangalore, India in October 2016 – making business journalism deliberate, informative and stimulating.

The word “deliberate” is not normally used to define business journalism, so it is one we use consciously. We publish just one deeply-reported, well-told business story a day for our subscribers.

Now, that may not sound like a lot when compared to normal expectations of business news. But day by day, week by week, month by month they are an evolving compendium of the evolution of Southeast Asia’s business landscape.

From the frantic pivot to groceries and essential services, to the SPAC, meme-stock, and crypto fever, to the employee burnout and inevitable cooling off of the market for tech stocks: we were there in the thick of it. We call it deliberate journalism because it takes weeks of reporting, writing and editing to sift through the noise of daily news cycles and explain the ones that really matter.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Instead, we welcome you to read some of our stories for free during the rest of March 2022. The stories below capture the evolution of Southeast Asian businesses during the last two years of the pandemic.

1. In the early days of the pandemic, delivery platforms had a make-or-break moment make-or-break moment The Ken Covid-19 pressure cooks Indonesia’s foodtech and cloud kitchens Read more

2. On the back of a global tech stock fever, Southeast Asian technology companies raised record amounts record amounts The Ken How SE Asia finally caught the eye of A16z and other western tech VCs Read more of venture capital

3. New business models like social commerce social commerce The Ken The many forks in the path to become Indonesia’s first social commerce unicorn Read more emerged

4. Eventually, the bull-ride of listed tech companies like Sea Ltd came to an end came to an end The Ken Sea’s cash cow Garena is drying up. It needs to up its game Read more

5. In the post-pandemic world, are trends like an increased focus on health and mental wellbeing mental wellbeing The Ken The business lure to Intellect’s mental healthcare model Read more here to stay?

As the new deputy editors for The Ken Southeast Asia, we’re excited to double down on creating more deliberate business journalism from the region. Whether for two years or two decades.

You will see newer products as part of that journey. You’ll see newer writers. Newer topics. Newer storytelling forms. But at our core, our commitment to originality, deep reporting and narrative storytelling remains the same.

Image credit: Valentin Salja/Unsplash