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E-commerce has been one of our core focus areas since inception. Over the last decade it has caused a wholesale rewiring of conventional concepts around commerce, retail, venture capital, competition, policy making and enterpreneurship in India. At The Ken, we’ve been obsessive in our reportage, analysis and narration of the biggest shifts and stories in e-commerce.

Which is why I’m thrilled to introduce Abinaya Vijayaraghavan as our new staff writer, e-commerce. Abinaya will cover large and complex e-commerce platforms at a time when regulators, consumers and sellers are beginning to view their power and ambition with more circumspect eyes. The two companies personify the limitless ambition and scope of e-commerce in India are Flipkart (now owned by Walmart) and Amazon. Naturally, Abinaya will track these two companies closely, but in addition also track leading venture capital firms and the wider e-commerce ecosystem. She will also provide our subscribers with in-depth and clear perspectives on the complex, behind-the-scenes issues around technology, pricing, marketing and regulation in e-commerce marketplaces.

Before joining The Ken, Abinaya spent 5 years at Reuters, where she covered U.S. manufacturers, education providers and a smattering of bankruptcies and general news before handling the opaque Middle East markets as a stocks reporter. She loves a good book, badminton, food and believes Tamil movies are underrated. She’s @abinayav5 on Twitter and can be reached via email at her [email protected]


Rohin Dharmakumar

Rohin is co-founder and CEO at The Ken. He holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and an engineering degree in Computer Sciences from the R.V.C.E., Bangalore.

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