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When we write stories at The Ken, there’s always one person we keep in mind. You, the reader.

But not all stories at The Ken are limited to being read, are they? Our stories are also listened to (via our podcast) and observed and studied via our diverse infographics and visuals.

So, how do we cater to you, also the observer?

The answer is focussed, visual storytelling through our design team at The Ken. The team, which started as a one-woman-show in 2018, has grown to three members this week. 

All thanks to Aishwarya Viswanathan, who joins us as a visual designer.

Aishwarya, who holds a masters degree in Aesthetics and Visual Cultures from the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Bengaluru, studied painting in undergrad to pursue “something creative.” As a student, that passion—which included a love for the theory of art—led to appreciation for research, Aishwarya recalls. After completing her degree, she spent two years working on research fellowships and, in her own words, “battling academic imposter syndrome.”

What’s apparent is that Aishwarya deeply appreciates both art and data. And she aims to blend them to tell compelling visual stories at The Ken.

Outside of work and art, Aishwarya says she is deeply interested in the social and political implications of digital technology and emerging visual cultures. When not peering into books, you can find her working out or going down the YouTube rabbit hole.

Aishwarya can be reached for visual story ideas, congratulations and appreciation posts via first name at

Lead image credit: cottonbro/Pexels


Prajakta Patil

Prajakta, who leads the three-member design team at The Ken loves making infographics. She is always on a hunt for data-driven business stories and meaningfully designed visualizations. Prior to The Ken, she has spent 6 years at Mint visualizing infographics for the daily.

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