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New Hire

Introducing Manan


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If you are new here, here’s a quick recap into how our business team is shaping up.

Engineering team. Done

Retention Manager. Done.

Engagement Manager. Done.

It was pretty solid, but we looked around and figured we needed one more. Someone who could do Product Management, figure out Growth levers and work closely with engineers and marketers. It was a tricky combination, and needed someone with a very specific set of skills. So, 60+ applicants and countless interviews later, we found Manan Bharara, who joins us as the Product Manager for Growth.

Manan joins us from Deloitte where he worked as a Consultant in the Strategy offering. Overall, he brings 5 years of experience building and managing software products across e-commerce, healthcare and automotive industries. He studied business at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and is passionate about sharing his experience by speaking at conferences across the globe. Outside of work, you can talk to him about capital markets, dogs and travel.

At The Ken, Manan is going to drive growth, and build some great products along the way.

Manan is reachable at manan at the rate of

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