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The stories that we bring you every day are due to the perfect harmony of visible and invisible forces. The ones you, our readers, know are, of course, our writers—the journalists whose names go with the stories they write. You might even know some of our invisible forces—desk editors.

There, however, is another invisible force without which our journalists’ best stories would languish in digital anonymity. This force is our product, engineering and marketing team. Or PEM, as we call them.

So, if we task writers with bringing you a must-read story, the PEM team ensures you have an ace reading experience.

We bolstered our armoury on both counts recently.

The Visible

Prasannata Patwa joins our editorial team as a reporter in Mumbai. She has been a journalist for close to two years—at Mint and then Entrepreneur India—writing about consumer startups and retail companies. She’s also been bitten by the curiosity bug, a must-have for any journalist.

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“Everything around me makes me damn curious. Be it workings of a small kirana store around the corner, people in my yoga and dance classes, and certain movies releasing in particular theatres while many don’t see the light of the day, among many other usual happenings. Fortunately, my profession pays me to ask questions and understand the whats and whys,” she says.

When she is not hounding sources, you can catch her binge-watching all sorts of TV shows and movies, or sipping on Oolong tea, or planning a vacation that doesn’t burn a hole in her pocket. And learning French (very important for when we expand to Europe).

The Invisible

Nandha Kumar Ramasamy joins us as our first-ever dedicated Android mobile app developer. His four years of experience in the field has been at companies like Inferon Online and Advanced Voice Research Labs, a Seattle-based AI and natural language processing company.

Explore more infographics like this in The Ken -
Visual Stories

Working out of Bengaluru, Nandha will develop and enhance our native Android app, building features that make it the best in the industry and create a compelling reading experience.

When he’s not pushing code on Github, Nandha can be seen enjoying Ilayaraja’s Tamil songs and silently hating all kinds of pets, including cats. 

As with all of us, you can reach them at (first name) @ the-ken . com

Lead image credit: Josep Monter Martinez/Pixabay


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