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For a moment back there, I was like, wow. This seems like it has been a while. But, what can I say…time flies. Teams change. But in the face of everything around us, the pursuit of deeply-reported, well-told stories continues at The Ken. And so it will. With every story; every weekday. For our subscribers.

That said, allow me to introduce you to Pradip Saha. He joins us at The Ken in Delhi as a staff writer and will be writing on the technology business and weekend features. Pradip has been a journalist for close to 12 years. In his previous stint at the financial newspaper Mint, which lasted over a decade, he switched to reporting from the desk and wrote on a variety of subjects, including sports, food, whiskies and all things luxury. For those of you wondering what’s a desk; well, that’s the team which signed off on this copy to ensure everything’s okay.

That's him!

Born and raised in Patna, Pradip has a diploma in journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communication. He is interested in good stories across beats. When not pursuing a story, he divides his time between food, tea, whisky, watches, Ghalib and Gulzar, in no particular order. You can reach him at first name at the ken dot com.


Ashish K. Mishra

Ashish edits and writes stories at The Ken. Across subjects. In his last assignment, he was a Deputy Editor at Mint, a financial daily published by HT Media. At the paper, he wrote long, deeply reported feature stories. His earlier assignments: Forbes India magazine and The Economic Times. Born in Kolkata. Studied in New Delhi – B.Com from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University. Works out of anywhere, where there is a good story to be told.

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