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Introducing Pranav


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I met a journalist this morning. And she was like, “Hey, congrats on the funding, you’ve been hiring so many people.” And I went, “Yeah, thanks. I’m very excited.” 

It is true. I am. These days, not a day goes by when I don’t hear this line from people I’m meeting: You’ve been hiring so many people. Often, my reaction is, yeah, it is all very exciting. It is still new. This feeling of growing and building a team of journalists. All of us with the singular purpose of doing whatever it takes to tell a good story. For our subscribers. In this context, Pranav Srivilasan joins us today. 

Pranav has been in the editing and news business for a little over four years, all of which were spent at the financial daily Mint. At the paper, he worked on everything from markets to policy to features. Pranav holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering. He then pivoted to journalism after a (very brief) taste of the Information Technology (IT) industry.

Pranav lives in Delhi with his partner and two cats (yes, another cat person at The Ken). He says, if pushed, Bangalore is what he’d call his hometown. I don’t know why Pranav wants you to know that he likes fruits and if you want some, they are on his desk, but whatever. He will edit TKOW (The Ken on Weekends) and write. He can be reached at pranav at the rate

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