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The Ken’s stories are born and told from “intersections”. Like the intersection of venture capital and entrepreneurial ambition; the intersection of healthcare and affordability; the intersection of telecom and internet; or the intersection of private valuations and financial results.

But one intersection point is increasingly central to many of our stories – policy. In sector after sector, policy and regulations are moving from the periphery to the center, and in the process becoming central to understanding what comes next. Whether it’s the monopolistic power of Big Tech, the disruptive impact of cryptocurrencies, the splintering of the internet into jurisdictions, curbs on ride-sharing or rising price control in healthcare, regulations are everywhere.

Which is why Pratap Vikram Singh joins us. Pratap joins our Delhi bureau to cover policy and its myriad intersections with the other sectors we cover, most notably technology.

Pratap joins us from Global Health Strategies, a global advocacy organisation focused on health. Before that he spent 7 years at Governance Now covering technology and telecom policy. He believes we live in significant times when it comes to the changing nature and power of technology and being at The Ken allows him to cover that change with a critical eye, especially because it will impact the lives of over a billion people.

Like everyone else, Pratap too can be reached at his [email protected]. On Twitter he is at @PratapVikramSin.


Rohin Dharmakumar

Rohin is co-founder and CEO at The Ken. He holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and an engineering degree in Computer Sciences from the R.V.C.E., Bangalore.

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