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Day one of a new job is invariably waiting for someone from human resources to hand you a stack of forms to fill out, finding the office canteen, and figuring out when it’s appropriate to go home.

But not in the past five months. And not for the foreseeable future. New employees are now onboarded virtually. Even at The Ken; but we do it a little differently from others. We welcomed Shruti Venkatesh, who joined us in Mumbai today, on our morning all-hands Zoom call where everyone spoke of that one drink or food that rekindles their fondest childhood memories.

Not the typical initiation, you might be thinking. But then, such are the times we live in. And we wouldn’t be here, four years after our launch, if we were a “typical” news organisation.

Shruti, a graduate of Mumbai’s Xavier Institute of Communications, has been a journalist for five years and has worked with Forbes India and Outlook Business, both fortnightly magazines. She has written on retail, fast-moving consumer goods, startups, and advertising. At The Ken, her expertise in these areas will be valuable even as she delves deep into internet and e-commerce. We are stoked to have her on the team.

If you are wondering what Shruti’s nostalgia food or drink is, it’s golas—flavoured crushed ice on a stick—on Juhu beach. You can reach her by using her first name at Or on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Lead image credit: Chris Montgomery/Unsplash


Seetharaman G

Starting out as a business journalist in 2008, Seetharaman has written about energy, climate change, retail, banking, and technology. He has worked with Business Today, a fortnightly, and the Sunday edition of The Economic Times.

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