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Today, at The Ken, we are launching a new product. 

We are calling it The Stack. 

Over five years ago, in 2016, we introduced The Ken, and business journalism in India was never the same again. We not only reimagined the way business stories were told—we introduced a completely new business model that placed the reader at the centre.

In 2020, we created The Ken Southeast Asia—a separate product written by business reporters in the region, who told stories to subscribers in a way they had never seen before. 

Last year, we launched Visual Stories and created a completely new way to consume business stories visually. And suddenly, subscribers could understand business through thousands of charts and infographics, all with the flick of a thumb. 

The Ken exists because business journalism in Asia is broken. The way stories are told is broken. The incentives of media companies who create it are broken. Their business models are broken. And above all, their products are broken. 

Step by step, we have been trying to fix that. 

That’s why, today, we are fixing newsletters. 

And we are doing it by reimagining it ground-up, through a revolutionary product which we are calling The Stack. 

The Stack is a bundle of the best business newsletters in Asia. It’s a collection of newsletters covering the most important and urgent sectors in business, written by the most talented and experienced reporters in the region. 

Here’s what makes The Stack special: 

Single subscription. Many newsletters 

One of the biggest pain points with paid newsletters is that you need to subscribe and pay for them individually. It’s too many subscriptions to keep track of, and it’s expensive. 

We got rid of all that and introduced a single bundle to help subscribers get access to more for less money. 

So you just need to pay once and get access to everything. 

High-quality writing on focused topics that matter

The Stack is all about content that matters to the reader. 

This is why we’ve narrowed it down to eight key areas

We believe that these represent the most important areas and sectors around business in Asia. All carefully selected for what’s relevant for you, the reader. 

Only the best writers and experts

What we love about newsletters is that the most valuable ones are written by people who understand a topic very closely, and make sense of it for the rest of us. 

So we figured, who better to do this than experienced and talented reporters who have been observing, analyzing, and covering their respective sectors for years. 

This way, you are guaranteed deeper insight and not shallow takes.

Incredible reading experience 

Every newsletter is not just backed by our rigorous fact-checking and editing, but also written in a manner and style that makes for easy and engaging reading. Our newsletters are tight, sharp and get to the point. 

Oh, and they are often supported by our world-class infographics and visuals. 

Personalised, unique designs

If you are a writer, chances are that your newsletter page is a template, and looks just like everyone else’s, which doesn’t do justice to your tone, style, and offering. 

Well, we changed all that. 

Every newsletter has a look and feel that feels uniquely theirs. 

Because we believe that no two writers are the same, so why should their pages be alike?

Which brings me to the final thing. 

How expensive is a subscription to The Stack? 

On average, a paid newsletter is typically priced at around Rs. 200/month in India or $5/month internationally. 

And that’s for one newsletter. 

We are introducing The Stack at an unbelievable introductory price of just Rs. 199/month or just $5/month, which gives you access to all of our nine newsletters. Or just Rs. 1999 or $49 for the entire year.

What’s more, we are even giving you the choice to subscribe to a single newsletter if you like. 

And even that will cost you just Rs. 99/month, or just $1/month internationally. 

For all our Borderless and Echelon subscribers, access to The Stack will be part of their subscription. Premium subscribers will be able to access up to five newsletters from The Stack.

This is just the beginning. Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be launching many more paid newsletters, most of which will be a part of The Stack. 

Now you know why we believe The Stack is truly the only business newsletter subscription you ever need. 

You can check out The Stack here.


Praveen Krishnan

Praveen has over 9 years of experience in product management. Prior to The Ken, he was the Director of Product at InMobi. He holds an MBA from IIM, Bengaluru and an engineering degree in Electronics & Communications from NIT, Tiruchirappalli.

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