If you ask today’s college students across India’s leading universities about the most important gaps in their education, the answer is usually… money and business. Sure, they understand how to solve quadratic equations. But what they aren’t really sure about is the right way to build their careers at India’s leading companies. 

Over the last six years, The Ken has helped thousands of students and faculty at leading universities understand the business world, to consider various viewpoints, and to think critically—these are skills they took from classrooms and applied to the corporate world, and in every part of their lives.

We’ve done this by offering a subsidised campus-wide subscription to The Ken, which can be purchased by institute libraries for all their students and faculty.

But it was still not enough. 

We offered a flat 50% discount on individual subscriptions—we offer this exclusively to students—which can be purchased directly on our website.

But it was still not enough.  

And that’s why we are taking it up a notch right now.

Today, we are excited to announce an exclusive program to help take business journalism into hundreds of campuses across India and Southeast Asia. 

We’re calling it the ‘Sponsor The Ken for your alma mater’ program. 

Students and libraries have limited resources, and they often use them to solve needs that are immediate and urgent, at the cost of things that accrue over the long-term. And to solve this problem, we’ve created a path for our subscribers to sponsor a campus-wide subscription to The Ken for colleges and universities. You can do this for your alma mater, or for any college in the country. 

We know that students and colleges will value this immensely. 


Because they’ve told us as much.

I'm so glad I got to read your crisp and detailed articles. You have no clue how much Ken is helping my cohort! Every weekend, we deep dive into every single article of yours and come out with tons of great insights.

Rishav Singh, President, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club, ISB, Hyderabad

Every month, we receive countless emails from students across the country asking if The Ken can be unlocked for their campuses. These students want the benefits of The Ken to be experienced not just by themselves, but by their peers and teachers. It is classroom dialogues and discussions that help students understand concepts and strategies in depth. They want to add our stories as case-studies in their courses. And we’ve seen that The Ken‘s original and analytical reportage has the power to educate, enrich, and equip the young minds in our campuses.

Despite my social science background, I bagged a tech internship this summer, and I attribute a lot of my boldness in applying for that job to this prolonged exposure to The Ken's journalism. I asked my college to get a subscription so that hundreds of other students like me could benefit from The Ken's content.

Omkar Joshi, Flame University, Pune

So, how does this program work?

It’s pretty simple. 

When you sponsor The Ken for a campus, for one year, all the students and faculty in the institute receive access to all of our stories, our premium newsletters, 1,500+ stories from our rich six-year-old archives, our podcasts, and those vibrant, subscriber-only comment sections. In other words, they get everything that paid subscribers receive.

Sponsors also get a prominent mention when we unlock the subscription, and a shoutout as a persistent banner on every page of The Ken’s website, visible to students and faculty at that institute, for the entire duration of the sponsorship—i.e., one year. 

Oh, and you can sponsor this access as an individual, as a group, or even as an organisation. 

Above all, you’ll get the college’s and its students’ gratitude and thanks.

Every single day these students read The Ken, they will thank you. They’ll thank you because you have enabled them to stay prepared in this changing world of business. They’ll thank you for giving back to your alma mater.

If you want to sponsor The Ken for your alma mater by sponsoring one year’s access, please fill out this Typeform, and we’ll get in touch.