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As every newsroom grows, so does complexity. In terms of subjects you pick, stories you want to tell, the way in which you want to tell them, and most importantly, working with reporters to handhold their copies from start to finish. To ensure that the idea matches the final copy. I can’t stress this enough; how important it is to have this skill in a newsroom. It is also rare. For the longest time, this job has been done by the founders at The Ken, and then, of course, we got Durga M Sengupta on board. She is our copy editor. Now, we are adding another person. Which brings me to Ranjan Crasta.

Ranjan joins our team in New Delhi. He is one of the few actual Bangaloreans at The Ken.

This only gets stranger when you realise that he has an affinity for South Indian breakfasts, an aversion to the North’s various experiments with paneer, and speaks only enough Hindi to haggle over auto fares. Surviving on Zomato and Uber, he’s managed five years in the Delhi journalism scene with Newslaundry, Catch News and Brut India. Ranjan’s pitch to us is that his love for long-form journalism drew him to The Ken. Well, thank you. Ranjan will work hard towards editing copies, writing, and guzzling coffee. He says, “Not necessarily in that order.”

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