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For a long time, we have wanted to do cool stuff on the marketing side. Community building. Improved offerings. Exclusive privileges for subscribers. Social. We have been doing a lot of this all along, but we were searching for someone who could do this full-time. One day, we told ourselves.

Today is that day. Sameer Mohan joins us as the first member of the marketing team at The Ken. He’s been a subscriber from the day we launched, and when he heard that we were building a team, Sameer wrote to us with some phenomenal ideas on what we could do. Come in and talk to us, we wrote back. Our subscribers, as we tell ourselves everyday, are amazing.

Sameer has three years of experience in the field of digital marketing; with focus areas on email and content. In his stints with iQuanti and The Cricket Gully, he has been able to address issues with internal marketing and has a penchant for learning the by-the-minute changes in this field. When he’s not working, he assists in running a book club in Bangalore, taking off towards the highways outside the city or jotting down horrible puns and jokes in his notebook.

At The Ken, Sameer will take care of our Digital Marketing. He intends to take our user engagement to the next level – by unleashing a bunch of initiatives to ensure that we reach more readers, create greater value for our current set of subscribers and hopefully, add to our banter on Twitter. Sameer will work out of Bangalore and can be reached at first name at the rate

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