Innovating Business Journalism in India.

The Ken pioneered subscribers-only online business journalism in India. Born in October 2016, into a world populated with scores of media sources churning out countless pieces of “content” endlessly, hoping for traffic or readership they could monetise, we chose not to play the game.

Instead, we published just one story each day. But a story that was original, analytical, deeply-reported and skillfully-narrated. Accessible exclusively to our subscribers without exception, and delivered through our distinctive applications and formats.

The heart of our business is the subscription model, by which our subscribers fund us so we can report and produce truly independent journalism. Conversely, charging a premium for our journalism makes us accountable to subscribers - for the quality and value they get.

We’re able to do this because we have exacting standards when it comes to our people and our culture.
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Every role here is crucial.

The future of high-quality journalism leads to subscribers, not advertisers. We've put our heads together to achieve it. By reporting with depth and writing with clarity. By building products that solve tough engineering problems. And by employing smarter, privacy-conscious marketing.

  • Don’t just report the future. Build it.

    Be part of India’s largest subscription-based publication - the future of journalism.

  • A culture that values quality. Not quantity.

    Like our writing, we value sharp, impactful results over shallow, broad work. Insights over activity. Always.

  • Independence. With responsibility.

    Pick a problem. Own it completely. Experiment creatively. Analyse. Get better. We do this every day