Fresh from celebrating the one year anniversary of the launch of The Ken Southeast Asia, we’re hiring for reporters to join the team.

Since our inception in 2016 in India, The Ken has been known for its consistently deep and analytical coverage of business, technology and healthcare. Our community of more than 30,000 subscribers includes innovative and successful entrepreneurs and senior executives; venture investors; policy makers; college students; and some of the best known and most innovative companies. We are also funded by a set of stellar investors, including Omidyar Network.

The Ken expanded to Southeast Asia in March 2020 when we launched an entirely new subscription for the region. For both our India and Southeast Asia subscription, we publish one original, deeply reported, analytical and well-narrated story for our readers each day.

In Southeast Asia, our team of full-time writers reporters is spread across Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. In India, we are headquartered in Bengaluru with offices in Delhi and Mumbai although our team has gone fully remote due to the pandemic.

If you haven’t read The Ken Southeast Asia yet, you can get a sense of our work from our free reads section

About the role

Like us, you’re tired of reading (and writing) shallow news reports and have a passion for explaining the key trends and topics in Southeast Asia through analytical and deeply-reported stories that stand out. That could vary from bringing clarity to Southeast Asia’s big battles in e-commerce or on-demand services, to spotting tomorrow’s important startups and trends, or chronicling the digitisation of established industries.

Finally, you want to develop your reporting skills and challenge yourself but, most importantly, you passionately believe in a subscription based media model.

Our staff writers in Southeast Asia report on topics that criss-cross the digitisation of daily life in Southeast Asia. Our beats cover the region’s largest companies in ride-hailing, e-commerce and beyond, up-and-coming startups, VC investment trends, the digitisation of corporations and more.

While The Ken does not chase scoops, we do place an emphasis on original insight and impactful breaking news. That is especially true of this role.

Our team in Southeast Asia is fully remote and you are comfortable slotting into that system. Our role is open to applicants based anywhere in Southeast Asia, but we may give preference to those located in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, or Vietnam.

We work across numerous time zones. This position will report to a manager based in Thailand and work closely with our desk team in India.


We seek a reporter based in Southeast Asia with at least 2 years of experience covering business or technology in your country or across the wider region.


One of our tenets is to offer the most competitive salaries and meaningful benefits we can to our colleagues. While we do keep an eye on what our peers or larger media incumbents pay, we are neither limited or guided by them. What this means is that promising candidates can almost always assume they will be compensated well.

Desirable attributes

  • Self-driven and ambitious, able to source original stories and insights from your network
  • Ability to synthesise multiple reporting perspectives into a compelling, explanatory narrative
  • Able to see ahead of news cycles, and see what is likely to happen over a 6-12 month horizon
  • Able to stick your neck out with informed opinions when required
  • Well-informed about global trends on e-commerce and investments, especially from the US and China
  • We are a flat organisation, prioritising speed, honesty, informality, accuracy, transparency, and subscriber-impact. Alignment with these values is a prerequisite.