The Ken is a pan-Asian, digital publication headquartered out of Bengaluru, India. Founded in October 2016 by a team of experienced journalists and entrepreneurs, The Ken pioneered subscribers-only online business journalism.

In India and Southeast Asia, we offer our subscribers one original, deeply reported, analytical and well-narrated story every day.

Our subscriber community comprises innovative and successful entrepreneurs and senior executives; venture investors; policy makers; college students; and some of the best known and most innovative companies. We are also funded by a set of stellar investors, including Omidyar Network.

In India, we are headquartered in Bengaluru and have offices in Delhi and Mumbai. In Southeast Asia, our full-time writers report from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

About the role

The Ken has produced some of India’s best journalism on the impact of FinTech on multiple sectors. But as older banks and financial institutions become disruptive FinTechs in their own right, and as young disruptive FinTechs apply for regulatory approval to become financial services providers, the lines between the two are blurring. 

This role will straddle financial services, corporate finance, modern banking and FinTech, allowing the writer to observe, report and write stories at the intersection of these formerly distinct spaces that are now collapsing together. 

The writer would be comfortable with financial statements, and digging into a company’s financial results to be able to say, ‘so what’ and ‘what next’ for these companies on a near to medium term. 

Understanding and chronicling the leaders, teams and organisational structures that power these businesses will also be an important task.

While The Ken does not chase scoops, it does place an emphasis on original insight and impactful breaking news. That will be especially true of this role.


At least 5 years of experience, either as a reporter covering corporate finance, modern banking, fintech or adjacent spaces; an analyst or researcher covering the space; or as a hands-on executive within the sector.


One of our tenets is to offer the most competitive salaries and meaningful benefits we can to our colleagues. While we do keep an eye on what our peers or larger media incumbents pay, we are neither limited or guided by them. What this means is that promising candidates can almost always assume they will be compensated well.

Desirable attributes

  • Self-driven and ambitious, able to source original stories and insights from their network
  • Ability to synthesise multiple reporting perspectives into a compelling, explanatory narrative
  • Able to see ahead of news cycles, and see what is likely to happen over a 6-12 month horizon
  • Able to stick their neck out with informed opinions when required
  • Well-informed about global trends on e-commerce and investments, especially from the US and China
  • We are a flat organisation, prioritising speed, honesty, informality, accuracy, transparency, and subscriber-impact. Alignment with these values is a pre-requisite.