The Ken was started in October 2016 with a simple mission – make business journalism relevant again.

We chose to do that in two ways.

First, we decided to focus on depth, reportage, analysis and narrative, and to tell the stories that matter, to make sense of the business world around us.

Second, we asked people to pay for it.

When we started, we thought we could persuade at least a few thousand people to pay for business journalism that was stripped clean of advertisers, sponsors, trackers, lists, awards, networking events, hidden agendas, jargon, press releases and shallow analyses.

Today, we’ve grown to 300,000 subscribers, expanded our coverage to cover both India and Southeast Asia and in addition to our deep coverage of Startups, Internet, E-commerce, Healthcare, Fintech and Telecom, we’ve recently added newsletters on newer topics such as crypto, personal finance, retail, business of sports, climate tech and edtech.

Apart from this, we’ve also started creating newer and more compelling formats to consume The Ken, including Visual Stories, and going forward — paid, subscriber-only Podcasts. We’ve also begun offering leadership workshops to top executives at corporations, with many more in the pipeline.

Our subscriber base also includes 200+ top corporates that have purchased The Ken for their employees and teams, and dozens of campuses — which include the IIMs, ISB, IITs and many others, where students and faculty read our business stories everyday.

Our ambition is to make The Ken the only business subscription you need.

Our subscriber community comprises innovative and successful entrepreneurs and senior executives; venture investors; policy makers; college students; and some of the best known and most innovative companies. We are also funded by a set of stellar investors, including Omidyar Network.

In India, we are headquartered in Bengaluru and have virtual offices in Delhi and Mumbai. In Southeast Asia, our full-time writers report from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

About the role 

5 years after starting out, The Ken finds itself in a unique situation. One that is an immense opportunity for an ambitious, smart and driven candidate interested in building a career in Marketing. We’ve expanded without spending a single dollar on paid acquisitions or marketing. We did that through three key pillars of our foundation: impeccable and original journalism that cannot be found elsewhere; passionate and engaged subscribers; and world-class products with highly customized flows.

While these three have brought us to 300,000+ subscribers till now, our ambition is much larger and over a much longer period. Over a 10-year period we see ourselves becoming the equivalent in India and Southeast Asia what the WSJ was to the US and FT to UK.

The Subscriber Experiences and Engagement Manager is at the heart of this mission. This is a role that will own, define and enhance the experience of every single subscriber of The Ken.

This person will own and create solutions on the following dimensions:

  • Experiences : How will new and existing subscribers really experience The Ken? This includes first-time experience including signup, onboarding etc.
  • Discovery : How will subscribers discover new products on a regular basis? This includes products like visual stories, audio, newsletters etc.
  • Personalisation : How can subscribers personalise The Ken based on their own tastes and preferences?
  • Engagement : How can we ensure that subscribers stay engaged to The Ken on an ongoing basis?
  • Upgrades : How will subscribers, beyond access they’ve paid for, aspire to take actions to enhance their experience? What incentives will we offer to help them get there?
  • Support and Feedback : How can we ensure subscribers get support and we get their feedback on a regular basis?

This is a cross-functional role with several stakeholders. You will work closely with both the editorial, product and marketing teams and influence decisions in all teams to help drive our goals.

The ideal candidate must have the following skills :

  1. Excellent written communication skills. The Ken is a journalism product and the subscriber experience and engagement manager will be responsible for all the content and communication as well with subscribers.
  2. Strong analytical, decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  3. Experience in analyzing user behaviour data and deriving actionable insights.


Minimum of 2 years experience in a consumer marketing role to drive acquisition, retention or engagement. Experience in a content-led growth or retention marketing role is preferred.


One of our tenets is to offer the most competitive salaries and meaningful benefits we can to our colleagues. While we do keep an eye on what our peers or larger media incumbents pay, we are neither limited or guided by them. What this means is that promising candidates can almost always assume they will be compensated well.

Desirable Attributes

  • Self-driven and ambitious — the success of this role is driven by what the owner makes of it. The charter is limitless and there are few obstacles (except time and bandwidth).
  • Bottom-up, first principles thinking — There are no replicable templates or strategies to drive growth in our business. The path to build a sustainable subscription media business is long and hard and we require someone who understands our core strengths and levers, operates within our constraints and delivers on goals. This requires deep, foundational thinking and understanding of product principles and the judgement to what is applicable and what isn’t.
  • Creativity — The problems that we intend to solve need a lot of creativity and out of the box thinking. Execution of our ideas needs to feel fresh, authentic and deeply personal. These form part of our core brand identity.
  • Execution-focused — It’s important to think and strategize. It’s even more important to do things, even when we don’t have enough time to analyse everything. We prioritise doing and work in short, quick turnaround cycles.
  • Tenacity / Perseverance – Consistent reward of passionately striving to achieve results. Conveys strong need to win. Reputation for not giving up.
  • Excellence / Ownership – Sets high stretch standards of performance for self and others. Low tolerance for mediocrity. High sense of responsibility.
  • Team Player – Reaches out to peers. Overcomes we-they. Approachable. Leads peers to do what is best for the company.