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Visual Designer

Bengaluru Editorial

The Ken is a pan-Asian, digital publication headquartered out of Bengaluru, India. Founded in October 2016 by a team of experienced journalists and entrepreneurs, The Ken pioneered subscribers-only online business journalism.

In India and Southeast Asia, we offer our subscribers one original, deeply reported, analytical and well-narrated story every day.

Our subscriber community comprises innovative and successful entrepreneurs and senior executives; venture investors; policy makers; college students; and some of the best known and most innovative companies. We are also funded by a set of stellar investors, including Omidyar Network.

In India, we are headquartered in Bengaluru and have virtual offices in Delhi and Mumbai. In Southeast Asia, our full-time writers report from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

Why Design @The Ken

The Ken has been gaining a distinctive identity and recognition for its simple but effective designs. 

The publication offers a unique work experience for its designers in three ways:

First, one gets to work directly in the public view. The person provides direction to the narrative flow of infographics that are a part of two deeply-researched stories published once a day, one each in India and Southeast Asia. These visuals are independent stories in themselves, hence carry designer attributions as shown below.

Second, the designer receives direct feedback through story comments and emails from our subscriber community. Since most of The Ken’s stories are paywalled, feedback is as genuine as it can get, from people who are paid subscribers and  have every reason to be invested in our work.

Finally, the design team believes in team working, i.e., every member gets to shape the language of Design for The Ken, using their skills and strengths.

The Ken believes in a strengths based culture, meaning, we focus on your strengths (what you’re naturally good at) and want you to do more of what you love. While this may not be the case everyday in your role, we believe that you can shape the role to align with the org’s objectives, with the help of your manager. 

About the role

At The Ken, a Visual designer translates complex ideas, words, and numbers into informative, simple, and beautiful visuals. Because our stories are deeply reported and feature distinctive narratives that often run into thousands of words, we are committed to data visualizations that make our stories more accessible to our subscribers. 

But, just like our distinct narratives, our graphics go beyond simple bar graphs and pie charts to visually depict company strategies and non-numerical information.

Sometimes this entails the creation of original illustrations and animations on some of our short projects.

Apart from regular stories, our visual designers collaborate with the Marketing and Product team to create beautiful artworks for the website, app, and social media pages.


The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or allied fields from a reputed institution, plus a minimum work experience of two years in an information design role at a news organisation. However, promising and ambitious candidates with hands-on knowledge of data visualization and statistics are welcome to apply.

 Proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite is a must. 

 *While applying, please add a link to your portfolio as applications without their portfolios will not be considered.


One of our tenets is to offer the most competitive salaries and meaningful benefits we can to our colleagues. While we do keep an eye on what our peers or larger media incumbents pay, we are neither limited or guided by them. What this means is that promising candidates can almost always assume they will be compensated well.

Desirable attributes

  • Understanding multimedia layouts, typography, and disability-friendly design
  • Self-driven and ambitious — the success of this role is driven by what the owner makes of it. The charter is limitless and there are few obstacles (except time and bandwidth). 
  • Bottom-up, first principles thinking — There are no replicable templates or strategies to the design team at The Ken. The path to helping build a design team with a distinct identity in a Media company requires deep, foundational thinking and understanding of design principles. 
  • Creativity — The problems that we intend to solve need a lot of creativity and out of the box thinking. Execution of our ideas needs to feel fresh, authentic and deeply personal. These form part of our core brand identity. 
  • Communication and Storytelling — Fundamentally we are a product that tells stories. Your role is to tell stories as simply and effectively as possible through the designs. 
  • Execution-focused — We prioritise doing and work in short, quick turnaround cycles. 
  • Tenacity / Perseverance – Consistent reward of passionately striving to achieve results. Conveys strong need to win. Reputation for not giving up.
  • Excellence / Ownership – Sets high stretch standards of performance for self and others. Low tolerance for mediocrity. High sense of responsibility.
  • Team Player – Reaches out to peers. Overcomes we-they. Approachable. Leads peers to do what is right and best for the company.

Visual Designer

Bengaluru Editorial
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