Chinese e-commerce investments in India and the “Boycott” threat

Flipkart, Paytm, Hike, BigBasket, Byju’s, MakeMyTrip—the list of e-commerce companies with Chinese investments is veritable Who's Who. How worried should they, and others be, over India-China trade relations hitting the dreaded "B" bump?


The United States and China are usually the two countries India’s e-commerce and technology sectors look to for ideas on what comes next. Should they also be looking at South-Korea, Japan, Norway and Philippines?

Each of those countries has suffered massive economic costs due to Chinese boycotts of their products.

After South-Korea deployed the US-developed THAAD anti-missile system in July 2016 to protect itself against possible North Korean nuclear attacks, China’s government and citizens started boycotting its brands. In just over a year, the sales of South-Korean car brands in China had halved; tourist inflows into China fell…

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