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What does the gift subscription include?

The gift subscription includes access to all of The Ken India’s premium longform stories—old and new, and newsletters — Beyond The First Order and The Nutgraf. For one full year. It also includes access to The Ken’s subscriber app and to the subscriber community through comments sections on stories.

What branding can I include on the gift subscriptions I send out?

Your company name and logo. In addition to these, you can also add a personal message to each gift that you send out

Can I buy less than 5 gift subscriptions?

No, sorry. For less than 5 gift subscriptions, please use our standard individual gifting product. You can find it here.

Who can I gift the subscription to?

To anyone you want. We do not restrict who you send these to.

What is a gifter?

As the admin of your corporate gift account, you can add a limited number of gifters. A gifter is someone from your organisation who can also gift from your account.

As the admin, you have some special privileges. You can restrict how many gifts a gifter can send out. You’re also the only one who can set the company logo and other company details.

Okay, I’ve bought a few gift subscriptions. By when can I send them out?

After you buy them, you need to send out your gift subscriptions within 1 year after which, they expire.

How do I pay for these?

We support multiple payment options—Credit card, Debit card, Netbanking, UPI, Wallet etc.

You can also ask your accounts/admin team to clear the payment on your behalf. Just enter the number of gift subscriptions you’d like to send and choose the option to share a payment link.

We’ll notify you once they clear the payment and you can start gifting

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