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How do corporate subscriptions work?

Corporate subscriptions are for teams with at least 5 members and going up to 1000+. Each member gets complete access to The Ken India or Southeast Asia.

Manage your teammates’ subscriptions easily

Create new accounts by importing contacts. Edit, reassign, revoke access to accounts. All in one place. With complete ease.

  • Bulk invites: You can share a unique link on your common channels to send a bulk invite to your team.

  • Individual Invites: Or, you can send out individual invites to team members by entering their email.

You can also track accounts, activate and deactivate as you wish.

Easy access control

Create a single share URL for bulk access.

Want everyone in your organization to have network-wide access?
See details of how we can make that work. Write to [email protected] for any queries.

Buy a Corporate Subscription

Contact Sales

Drop us a note and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Thank you

We appreciate your interest in The Ken, and we have just sent you a confirmation email. Please give us 2-3 business days to process this request

If you have any specific questions, you can write to us at [email protected]


I have a group of friends who share a common email domain. Can we subscribe to the corporate plan?

The corporate subscription benefits are available only to employees in the same company using the same email domain.

Are my team members required to have a common email domain?

Yes, corporate teams at The Ken are restricted to a single email domain.

Can I purchase both India and SEA editions of The Ken for my team?

Yes, you can drop us a note with your request at [email protected], and we will help you with a custom price depending on the number of subscriptions you require.

Is it possible to transfer my admin access to someone else?

Yes, it is. Please write to us at [email protected], and we will transfer access from our end.

What happens when I send invites to my teammates? How do they join the corporate subscription?

There are two ways you can invite teammates to be a part of your corporate subscription:

a) Using corporate dashboard: When you send invites via the dashboard, recipients receive a one-time registration link on their email IDs. Via the link, your teammates can register themselves. Afterwards, they receive a verification email with a code on their registered email address. Once they have received the verification email/code, please log in and access The Ken as usual.

b) Sharing a common invite link: When you share a common invite link, recipients are directed to register their email IDs. Afterwards, they receive a verification email with a code on their registered email address. Once they have received the verification email/code, please log in and access The Ken as usual.

I can't find the corporate dashboard. How do I access it?

Once you log into The Ken, under the 'My Account' tab, you'll find the corporate dashboard option. Alternatively, you can access the dashboard via this link:

Do I have to invite/add users to India and Southeast Asia editions separately?

Yes. On the corporate dashboard, you'll find the option to switch between both editions. You are required to send two separate invites for India and Southeast Asia editions. The recipients will receive two separate registration emails for each edition. Once they register for each, they will receive two separate verification emails.

Can I add more team members after I have made the purchase?

Yes, write to us at [email protected], and we'll help you with that. You'll have to make a prorated payment for the new team members.

The corporate subscription that you offer is currently for one year. Do we get a multi-year plan as well?

Yes, please write to us [email protected], and we'll help you with that.

We are interested in subscribing to only one particular newsletter. Do you have corporate plans for that?

When you subscribe to our corporate subscription plan, you receive access to all our newsletters, daily reportage, six years of archives and The Ken app. At present, we do not offer corporate subscriptions for individual newsletters.

Can I buy fewer than five corporate subscriptions?

No. If you would like fewer than five subscriptions, you can opt for our individual plans. More about them here:

Is there an expiry date for the invites I send?

Your invite and your subscription are valid for a year from the day you make the purchase. You can add a new user midway through the subscription, and they can access The Ken till your subscription expires.

Can I get PDFs of the stories?

No, that is not possible. All our journalism can only be accessed on our own channels.

How can I get my invoice?

Only the buyer of the subscription can access the invoice. Not team members/child users. If you are the buyer, go to the 'My Account' tab after logging in to The Ken, and scroll down to find a header called 'Subscription'. Here, you'll find an option to generate an invoice and send it to yourself. It'll directly land in your registered email address.

I am a corporate child user. I do not see any subscription details under the 'My subscriptions header.'

Subscription details will be visible for corporate admins, not corporate child users. In other words, subscription details will be visible only to those who bought a subscription with us. In your case, that would be your corporate parent/admin.

How many devices can I install The Ken app on?

You can log in to the app on two devices at a time (one on your phone and another on your android tablet/iPad), along with two simultaneous sessions on the web browser.

Couldn't find the answer you were looking for?

Write to us at [email protected] and we’ll get back in three to four working days.