Curadev’s drug discovery slot machine

Most will call it madness: Selling your house to raise money and thinking Venture Capital firms will buy the dream of discovering new drugs from India. But Curadev lived that madness; hit a jackpot and is probably onto its next one. A rare success story, without investor money


A certain starkness marks the entrance to Curadev Pharma Private Limited. Freshly painted, the walls are bare; the reception desk is unmanned. The company does mostly science and doesn’t need a front desk; not yet. Ask them about the emptiness and co-founders Arjun Surya and Manish Tandon look at the ceiling and wistfully discuss how the AstraZeneca headquarters in Sweden had the hanging molecular structure of Omeprazole, the multi-billion-dollar anti-ulcer drug, greet visitors. “Maybe, one day, when one of our molecules becomes successful, we’ll have its molecular structure (mural) hanging here,” they say, almost in…

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