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Google to launch payment app ‘Tez’ in India

After Uber, Truecaller and WhatsApp, Google is the latest international tech giant to roll out a payment product in India. As early as Monday.


On Monday, 18 September, Google, Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary, will make an entry into India’s fast growing and super competitive digital payment ecosystem, with a solution of its own. Google is launching a payment product which is likely called Google ‘Tez’ (which means fast in Hindi). Tez is largely fashioned on the company’s global product—Android Pay (earlier called Google Wallet).

How hot is India’s payment space? This hot: Google, tick. WhatsApp, tick. Truecaller, tick. Myriad wallet companies, tick. Flipkart, tick. Of course, banks, a whole lot of them, tick.

Google, according to sources, is…

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