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Meet India’s Judge Dredd of Dengue

How one scientist is changing the game for dengue treatment. With diagnostics, vaccine and a drug in tow—Navin Khanna is emerging as the judge, jury, and executioner for dengue, a virus which infects millions every year. But only a fraction of which gets reported


Everything’s warmer this winter in Delhi, even a dengue discussion. For years Navin Khanna has studied dengue and other infections with a quiet purposefulness. As he settles into the cane chair, at the faculty lounge and boots up his MacBook, the academic aloofness of the place recedes. In the 26 years that Khanna has been at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), he has developed 26 diagnostic kits; 23 of which are in the market.

“It wasn’t mathematics,” he says, with a dismissive laugh. “India is the epicentre of dengue but we…

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