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The Ken publishes one story a day to help its subscribersunderstand tectonic shifts that matter in the technology, startup, healthcare and media spaces in India. Narratives connect them together. So that you understand what we wrote. In context. Over time.


Read our narratives for deeper insights into what companies are doing, how they got there, and how the future is going to unfold for them going forward.


Our best stories about Flipkart in India


Our best stories about Hotstar in India


Our best stories about PhonePe in India


Our best stories about Netflix in India


Our best stories about Zomato in India


Our best stories about Oyo in India


Our best stories about Swiggy in India


Our best stories about Softbank in India


Our best stories about Paytm in India


Our best stories about Ola in India


Our best stories about Amazon in India


Our best stories about Android in India


Our best stories about Apple in India


Our best stories about Byju's in India


Our best stories about Xiaomi in India


Our best stories about Google in India


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Our best stories about Uber in India

SaaS Businesses

Who's selling software as a service? How's that working out?

Investigative Reporting

When we go beyond shallow reporting to discover the deep, inner workings of organisations

Venture Capital

Turn your lens to the financiers

Public Companies

Detailed, ground-breaking storytelling about some listed firms in India


Stories about companies balancing demand and supply equations

Chinese companies in India

Who are the players. What do they have in common. And what next

Big Tech

How Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google are faring in India

Hyperlocal Businesses

On-demand local businesses are out to change urban centres. This is how

Indian Unicorns

Who are they? How did they get here? And what next?

Consumer startups and brands

Stories about innovation in FMCG and retail


Gain a clear, conceptual understanding of the most tectonic shifts happening in India. Chinese companies in India. Acquisitions and Exits. Antitrust. And so much more.

Acquisitions and Exits

How companies strategized and executed their exits

Competition, power and monopolies

An examination of firms in dominant positions in India

Evolving careers

The future of work in India

Impact of Regulation

Sharp analyses of successful and (not so) successful policies

Cash and payments

How India uses money. Explained

Deadly Diseases

Who is affected. What can be done. What's at stake.

Business models

Examples of companies adopting innovative ways to make money

Insurance Models

Follow the money. Read the conflicts. Find out the future of insurance

Disruption in Media

The method behind the madness of big media strategies

Next Billion Users

How companies are building products for future audiences


Our best and most important public health stories

Great Pivots

Companies who changed. And how it turned out

Demonetisation and GST

Two big events. Stories about the aftershocks

Subscription Models

Read about companies adopting an innovative business model

The Jio Effect

The impact and aftershocks of Reliance Jio

Credit Lending Models

Money is changing. So is debt and credit. Here's how.

India in Space

India's space ambitions are climbing. So are the stakes.


Get an advantage over your peers by staying up to date about what’s going on in your industry. Who are the incumbents and the upstarts. What are their strategies. How is it playing out.

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