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The Stack

A daily selection of newsletters from The Ken. Featuring the hottest topics, smartest writers, and sharpest stories.

In October 2021, a bunch of journalists, editors, product managers and designers from The Ken decided to roll up their sleeves and answer the question, “What should a business newsletter bundle built from the ground up for sharp subscribers look like?”

Six months later, we’re launching “The Stack” as our answer.

The Stack is a rich newsletters-only bundle written by some of The Ken’s most talented and experienced reporters, covering the most interesting sectors and themes, across India and Southeast Asia. Everything about The Stack is designed with you, the subscriber in mind

Our starting lineup features sectors and themes like Crypto, EdTech, Climate Tech, E-commerce & Retail, Fintech, Business of Sports, Narrative Storytelling, Southeast Asia news and Strategic Thinking. So, you’re not just aware of the most important news, but ahead of others.

Our newsletter writers are experienced and talented reporters who have been observing, analyzing, and covering their respective sectors for years. So, you are guaranteed deeper insight and not shallow takes.

Our fact-checking and analysis is rigorous, but our language and style are business casual. So, you can both enjoy our reading experience and be informed by it.

Our design is original, minimal, and distinct. Our proprietary infographics and visuals often accompany our sharp analysis. So, you never feel bogged down.

And lastly, our pricing is so affordable that it’s unbelievable. Rs.99 or $1 monthly for most individual newsletters and Rs. 199 or $5 monthly for the all nine newsletters. And if you subscribe to The Stack Annual bundle, you can get all nine newsletters for only Rs. 1999 or $49 a year.

The Stack is the newsletter bundle you didn’t know you wanted.


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