Earlier this month, Cost to Company received a striking message from a Ken subscriber called Uzma Rushdi. She wrote, “Mumbai is suffering from a lack of new talent inflow. Unless there are dramatic changes it will be Calcutta in 20 years :(”

Around the same time another thing happened. A group of 35 startups in Mumbai created something called TEAM (Technology  Entrepreneurs Association of Mumbai), with the the pointed goal to reinvigorate Brand Mumbai.

But what happened to Brand Mumbai that it needs reinvigorating?

This then became our hypothesis for this episode of Cost to Company. Is Bombay dying? Is it going to become Calcutta in the next twenty years? Is it going to be a city that the most talented professionals leave for better opportunities? And is the TEAM one effort to stop that from happening?

I’m Sneha, your host, and this week we are going to interview four, true lovers of Bombay, founders, CEOs, one product manager, and Uzma, and ask them where is their city of dreams, where is their maximum city, headed now?