In 2023, amidst the thick of the layoff season, you’d think that ’employee ghosting’ (a phenomenon where prospective employees don’t end up joining an organisation without any providing any communication) is a thing of the past.

But that’s quite not true.

Although in a reduced state as compared to 2021, ghosting still exists.

Companies and their HR professionals are coming up with some ingenious way to jump the ‘invisible gap’ that exists between offer acceptance and joining date, where most of this ghosting occurs.

In this episode of Cost to Company, I speak to Mohammed Sufiyan Sait (Director – People Success, Toplyne; Co-founder, The Talent Deck), Sanam Rawal (Founding Partner, MetaMorph), and Sairam Krishnan (Founding Team, Atomicwork; Ex-Accel, Ex-Freshworks) to find out how exactly.

Hosted, Written, and Produced by Shreevar Chhotaria