Breaks always seem tempting.

But in a job market that is as brittle as it is in late 2022, does a career break even make sense?

Even if the times were better, what happens after you take a career break? Does your career ‘rise from the ashes’ once you’re back? Or does the pause affect your growth in the long run?

In this episode, I speak to Vatsal Sanghvi (Consultant, Omidyar Network India*; former Category Manager, Flipkart) and Issac John (former Head of Marketing, Discovery India; former Marketing Head, Puma India) on how they bounced back from their sabbaticals. Two people with starkly different experiences, but oddly similar outlooks.

*Omidyar Network India is an investor in The Ken.

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Hosted, Written, and Produced by Shreevar Chhotaria.