Google docs has satisfied customers. Evernote has happy users. Jira has grateful managers.

But Notion has Notion Nation. It has evangelists, Notion certified Ambassadors, Notion certified badges and Notion certified Champions. It has a subreddit with 220 thousand subscribers, groups in 32 different countries, on Telegram, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Discord. The India chapter of notion has its own logo. Which is the N of Notion with the Ashoka Chakra behind it.

We welcome you to the Cult of Notion.

You can find Ibrahim’s Notion document about the Cult of Notion here.

You can check out Notion India’s Telegram page here.

You can see minutes of India’s first Notion meetup in Hyderabad here.
You can see Neerja’s Notion page here and Shashwat’s Notion page here.

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