The roots of the founder’s office may lie in bureaucracy, but the allure of it has managed to seep into the world of business.

Almost suddenly, the smartest and brightest minds from some of the country’s top B-schools are embracing a whole new kind of an obscure yet attractive career track. ‘Thoroughbred Generalists’ (as one of our guests describes himself), are quickly picking up roles at the Founder’s Office.

What do people at the founder’s office even do? What are the problems that they solve? What are the problems that they go through?

And fundamentally, what really goes on at the founder’s office?

We speak to Ramya S, former Chief of Staff at Ola and Founder’s Office at Myntra; Adwate Kumar, former Founder’s Office at CoinDCX and Klub; Jayesh Bhatia, Founder’s Office at Ditto Insurance, and Avichal Pugalia, Chief of Staff at Foxtale, to go to the depths of this little-known function of the org.

As it turns out, it’s a little bit of everything. And a whole lot of nothing.

Hosted, Written, & Produced by Shreevar Chhotaria