The winds of appraisal season seem all too familiar.

HRs deciding the budget for the cycle.

Employees frantically trying to put their best tasks forward on a scrappy Google document at the last minute.

Managers bracing themselves to negotiate pay hikes with their reportees. And HR.

But this year, things are looking slightly different.

With the current economic situation, some companies have ‘indefinitely postponed’ appraisals. Some aren’t increasing base pay and thinking of unique ways to reward and retain their best talent, while others are using appraisals as a precursor to future layoffs.

But, as you’ll find out through the course of this episode, it’s not all dark and gloomy.

In this episode I speak to Vibin Baburajan (Ex-Freshworks), Bhavya Arora (Talent and Culture Partner @ Outplay) and Kanika Singal (Ex-McKinsey; Ex-Levi Strauss & Co.) to understand how appraisals this year might be different than usual.

And what the appraisal season is trying to tell you.

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Hosted, Written, and Produced by Shreevar Chhotaria