It was the day of Wasim’s engagement. He was wearing his favourite kurta for the big occasion. It was the first time, in many days, that he was genuinely happy.

Just then, he gets a call from Byju’s HR team:

We regret to inform you that your employment with Byju’s has been terminated.

If 2021 saw the high of the VC influx, Bored Ape NFT projects, and salary hikes; 2022 is going through a slowdown, a crypto winter, and thousands of job losses.

Who bears the brunt of a global meltdown? Who will survive this winter that’s been around for far too long now? Why do layoffs even happen in the first place? Which companies have to let their valuations slip and let their employees go?

And within these companies, who gets laid off first?

In episode 2 of Cost to Company, we explore these questions as we speak to founders, HR mavericks, career counsellors, and most importantly: people who’ve been laid off.

The answers aren’t easy, but the perspectives are worth listening to.

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Hosted, Written, and Produced by Shreevar Chhotaria