Goodbyes are never easy. But they were never this important either.

In a market where great talent is scarce, companies are paying top-dollar to ‘offboard’ their employees in the best way possible: ensuring that their exit is as smooth and uplifting as their entry.

We speak to Kartik Mandaville, CEO of Springworks and Arun Vigneswaran, the Head of People Practice at xTo10x. While their methods might be starkly different, they’re essentially chasing the same goal: retaining their current employees and maintaining strong ties with the ones who’ve left the ship.

How do they do this? Offboarding may be the answer.

In this episode, we’ll find out how offboarding is much more than just writing a farewell mail and returning your MacBook Air that you had gotten all too used to.

If your culture is scaled, your ‘employee experience’ metrics are measurable and your offboarding process is seamless, you’ll not just have ex-employees.

But brand ambassadors.

Are other companies finally starting to take notice?

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Hosted, Written, and Produced by Shreevar Chhotaria