Titles are a funny thing.

In organisations, they’re supposed to denote the work that you do and your position in the hierarchy.

But more realistically, they’re a currency.

A currency used to trade respect.

And when ‘inflation’ strikes, this ‘currency’ is bound to show some side-effects.

In the Indian context, startups aren’t the only ones indulging in title inflation. It’s the larger corporations too.

So if everybody’s the culprit, who’s the victim?

In this episode of Cost to Company, we speak to Nikita, ex-manager at a major mobility startup, Harold D’Souza, Director at WalkWater Talent and Diksha*, an HR professional working at a Big 4 consulting firm, who tell us how ‘title inflation’ may seem trivial at first, but can have lingering effects on your career growth.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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Hosted, Written, and Produced by Shreevar Chhotaria