ST Engineering (STE) started out over half a century ago in 1967 with a rather nationalistic goal—being the means of protecting a young nation’s sovereignty. Back then, STE was focused solely on maintaining and developing arms for the Singapore Armed Forces. Guns, artillery, planes, ships, the works.

But Singapore’s diminutive size meant STE needed contracts beyond the armed forces—and beyond Singapore’s forces. With an active force of around 72,000 (not including conscripts and reservists), there isn’t much work to go around in just defence. So, the company—a product of merging an aerospace division, a land systems and arms division, a ship building and repairs division, and an electronics manufacturing division—had to look for commercial opportunities.


Benjamin Cher

Based in Singapore, Ben covers news and stories from the hub of Southeast Asia. He covers the intersection of technology and business, and how it affects Singapore and Southeast Asia. Ben was previously a reporter at The Edge Singapore.

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