Have you had a food delivery platform call you to tell you your order has been delayed or that they’re assigning another driver? It’s more common now than you’d think.

Major food delivery platforms in Malaysia have been struggling to meet consumer demand. And it’s not because demand for food delivery is up—it is up, though, thanks to the multiple Movement Control Orders (MCO) banning dine-in—but because supply is down.

Since March, GrabFood and foodpanda have been experiencing a severe shortage of riders. Despite having to pay a 10-35% commission commission The Ken Faustian deal?


Ka Kay Lum

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Ka Kay covers investment activities, aka following the money, across Southeast Asia and in-depth stories on the often-overlooked Malaysian startup ecosystem. She was previously a regional writer for Nikkei-owned DealStreetAsia.

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