Profitability is the main dipstick test for new businesses. And Bank Jago, an Indonesian digital bank launched just seven months ago, claims it’ll be profitable by year end year end DealStreetAsia It's a blessing to be in the GoTo ecosystem, says Bank Jago's Siregar Read more .

Investors seem to have gotten wind of this. Last month, US-based Ribbit Capital bought a minority stake in the company. Fintech investor Ribbit has backed global digital banks—Russia’s Rinkoff, UK’s Revolut and Brazil’s Nubank—and investment app Ajaib investment app Ajaib The Ken Ajaib, Pluang, or Bareksa—Who is Indonesia’s Robinhood?


Yunindita Prasidya

Based in Bali, Dita writes about Indonesia’s growing digital economy, including how technology is shaping the lives of young Indonesians and impacting traditional industries. She was previously a reporter at The Jakarta Post.

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