Imagine going up against the very company you not-so-long-ago sold your digital publishing business to.

Now imagine that company, after buying your business, is ranked third in its digital reach in the region, pipped only by tech giants Facebook and Google.

That’s the tricky position Patrick Grove, founder and CEO of Catcha Group, is in. Catcha is the internet company behind ‘Malaysia’s Netflix’, iflix. (We’ve written about iflix’s bad run iflix’s bad run The Ken Time runs out as iflix’s ghost ship starts sinking Read more  before.)

In May 2017, Malaysia’s Media Prima Bhd, which has businesses across television, print media, radio, outdoor advertising, and TV and film production, turned its eyes towards Rev Asia Bhd.


Ka Kay Lum

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Ka Kay covers investment activities, aka following the money, across Southeast Asia and in-depth stories on the often-overlooked Malaysian startup ecosystem. She was previously a regional writer for Nikkei-owned DealStreetAsia.

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