Eagle-eyed observers would have seen something changing on the streets of Indonesian cities. Electric motorbikes are starting to show up.

A handful of Electrum-branded e-motorbikes are in circulation now. Electrum is the joint venture company ride-hailing giant Gojek launched last year, together with one of Indonesia’s largest energy companies, TBS Energi. It was quite a surprise announcement. The company plans to enter electric two-wheeler (E2W) manufacturing, charging infrastructure development, and E2W financing.

Right now, Electrum’s actual bikes, as well as the battery swapping system they come with, are provided by a Taiwanese startup called Gogoro. Founded in 2011, Gogoro managed to scale its battery swapping technology in Taiwan to the point where it’s “doing about 330,000 battery swaps per day,” a company spokesperson told The Ken.


Nadine Freischlad

Nadine is based in Indonesia. She covers Southeast Asia's super apps, the changing nature of work and employment, and other structural shifts happening as a result of digital disruption.

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