The Philippines has six national symbols: the martial art Arnis, Filipino Sign Language, the Sampaguita flower, the Narra tree, and the Philippine pearl and eagle. But ask a Filipino what truly symbolises their daily life, and they’ll probably tell you about jeepneys.

After World War II, locals repurposed American military jeeps into public buses, adding fabric covers on their tops and foam benches for passengers.

Adorned with streamers, horns, and paintings depicting everything from the religious to the bawdy, nearly 3oo,ooo jeepneys rule the roads, accounting accounting Changing Transport Modernizing Public Transport in the Philippines Read more for 40% of trips on motorised vehicles.


Isabel Martinez

Isa is based in Manila. She covers Southeast Asia's and the Philippines' media, employment and work, policy and investments, and other sectors reshaping consumer life.

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