, Indonesia’s leading job portal, saw new job listings drop 50%—from 30,000 new jobs per month to between 14,000-15,000—in the past six months. The number of applicants per open position on the site, though, has more than doubled in the aftermath of the pandemic. One open position currently, on average, gets 800 applications, says Faridah Lim, Jobstreet’s Indonesia country director. The most coveted jobs receive more than 1,000 CVs.

The country is what recruitment specialists like Lim call a “candidate-long” market. Too many applicants, too few jobs.

The pandemic amplified the problem, placing tremendous stress on employers who have to sift through hundreds, if not thousands, of profiles to find a suitable candidate.


Nadine Freischlad

Nadine is based in Indonesia. She covers Southeast Asia's super apps, the changing nature of work and employment, and other structural shifts happening as a result of digital disruption.

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