“There is a sense of optimism due to progress on vaccine developments and the liquidity in the market,” says Lip Kian Ang, a Singapore-based partner at international law firm Morrison and Foerster. Ang is alluding to the hopeful uptick in deals being closed in Southeast Asia in the fourth quarter of 2020, and in the new year.

Venture capitalists are known to travel around Southeast Asia, or the world, for meetings. In a post-Covid world, is it possible to invest in a company if you’ve never met them in person?

While it isn’t entirely impossible to strike a deal virtually, travel restrictions did slow down the deal-making pace across Southeast Asia.


Ka Kay Lum

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Ka Kay covers investment activities, aka following the money, across Southeast Asia and in-depth stories on the often-overlooked Malaysian startup ecosystem. She was previously a regional writer for Nikkei-owned DealStreetAsia.

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