This is a story of ‘girl-meets-boys’. More specifically, Zhafira Athifah meets the ‘Avengers of K-pop’. For over 10 years, the 23-year-old Indonesian had stubbornly stayed at the fringes of South Korean pop music as it erupted among her friends. But resistance was futile, especially with the launch of SuperM, a boy band that has been likened to an assembly of blockbuster superheroes.

SuperM comprises seven ace idols idols Entertainers working either solo or in a group, marketed for popular appeal and are usually trained in singing, dancing, modelling and even acting.


Li Mei Foong

Li Mei Foong is based in Kuala Lumpur, where she seeks to connect the dots between culture and technology in Southeast Asia while keeping an eye on interesting development in its digital creative space. She was previously a freelance features journalist and has reported for regional publications including Channel News Asia (CNA), Southeast Asia Globe, and New Naratif.

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