Case 1. Biotech company Biolidics received a query query SGX RESPONSE TO SGX QUERIES –ANNOUNCEMENTSIN RELATION TO BIOLIDICS’RAPID TEST KITS FOR THE DETECTION OF NOVEL CORONAVIRUS 2019 Read more from Singapore Exchange (SGX) about certain noises it was making. Between 30 March and 6 April 2020, Biolidics publicised its solution to Covid—its rapid test kit, and how it was approved for use in Singapore Singapore SGXNet BIOLIDICS TO LAUNCH ITS RAPID TEST KIT FOR COVID-19; OBTAINS APPROVAL FROM SINGAPORE’S HEALTH SCIENCES AUTHORITY FOR ITS RAPID TEST KIT TO BE USED IN SINGAPORE Read more , the Philippines Philippines SGXNet BIOLIDICS’ RAPID TEST KITFORCOVID-19APPROVED FOR USEBY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION OF THE PHILIPPINES Read more and the European Union European Union SGXNet BIOLIDICS’ RAPID TEST KITFORCOVID-19OBTAINS CE MARKINGFOR USE INTHE EUROPEAN UNION Read more .


Benjamin Cher

Based in Singapore, Ben covers news and stories from the hub of Southeast Asia. He covers the intersection of technology and business, and how it affects Singapore and Southeast Asia. Ben was previously a reporter at The Edge Singapore.

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